Honorary Doctorate Degree Award

Honoris Causa

Dominion Mission Theological University, Ghana. Honorary Doctorate Degree Program.

A program we organize to honor Men and Women Who are
making impact in the Society . Both religious and Secular.

We believe that Men and women Making impact in our
communities must be honored when they are alive
not when they are dead

Hence Dominion honorary Doctorate Degree Award Program

We are currently accepting applicants or recipients for our prestigious Honorary Doctor Degree program.

To apply for the Ecclesiastical Honorary Doctorate Degree. Please contact the President on +233240638959. Email: daniel.dela@dmtu.edu.gh

Doctoral Presentation Procedures
1. Send a copy of your standard CV.

2. Receive a proof of the Honorary Doctorate. You will be able to correct or approve it before it is finalized.

3. Final document will be sent in hard copy or through email.

Receivables at the ceremony include; Doctorate gown, Framed Citation, DMTU gold medal, Certificate.

Honorary Degrees
Doctor of Arts (D.A)
Doctor of Commerce (Com.D)
Doctor of Divinity (D.D)
Doctor of Education (D.Ed)
Doctor of Fine Arts (D.F.A)
Doctor of Humanities (DHum)
Doctor of Law (L.L.D)
Doctor of Letters (Litt.D)
Doctor of Music (Mus.D)
Doctor of Pedagogy (P.E.D)
Doctor Pharmacy (Pharm.D)
Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A)
Doctor of Public Service (D.P.S)
Doctor of Science (Sc.D)
Doctor of Technology (D.Tech)
Doctor of Christian Education (Ch.eD)
Professor of Christian Leadership and
Church Management (P.H.D)H.C
Professor of Philosophy (PhD)