Dr Raphael T Banda.

How has Dmtu impacted my faith.

“Dmtu has impacted my faith by directly and indirectly exposing me to people and ideas that are different than me/mine and my upbringing. In this the Lord, through Dmtu, has brought both a depth and breath to my faith and understanding of Him.”

What I enjoy most about Dmtu.

Everyone is rooting for you to succeed in every aspect of your life. There’s the spiritual and biblical foundation that drives everything that we do. But in complementary to that, Dmtu does an incredible job at creating spaces to contribute to everyone’s emotional, social, physical, mental and professional/vocational health.

Why I picked/ Choose Dmtu.

I picked Dmtu for a number of reasons: Reputation, Location (short commute), Offerings of different class time.

What advice do you have for students considering Dmtu.

There is a season for everything. Praying about/considering Dmtu, each semester (even each class) in Dmtu, praying about/considering what’s next, the other side of Dmtu, etc. And each season requires its own attention and version of you.